A&D Care Products

About us

A & D Care Products is a novelty business with a strong social conscious. Based in Vancouver BC, we serve individuals and families who are struggling with Anxiety & Depression, all around the globe.

Our competitively priced Depression Care Products offer a daily incentive to interrupt stress, and to reduce or eliminate symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

We offer the following:

Art therapy supplies, Physical therapy equipment, Sleep aids, Health supplements, Aroma therapy Essential Oil Diffuser's & incense, Anti -depression lights, Sunrise simulation wake-up lights, virtual reality headsets and jewelry gifts. All available at competitive CAD Prices, through the Build Your Own Care Package Link above. 

Mission Statement: 

According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people worldwide currently struggle with depression. Depression is now the leading cause of disability, worldwide. Social stigma and a lack of resources are common barriers that make the treatment process so difficult. But that's where we come in..

Our goal is to make Depression Care Products available to everyone, everywhere. No stigma, no confusion, no hassle... just quality care products, shipped right to your front door.

Order Online Today at: www.depressioncareproducts.com 

We look forward to serving you.


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